Clarke’s deportation list welcomed by GALHA

“The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association has warmly welcomed the ‘deportation list’ and hopes the ban will include the anti-gay cleric Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who visited Britain in October [sic] 2004. ‘We have written to the Home Secretary urging him to ban Sheik al-Qaradawi who has made his extremist views very clear in his speeches and books, and via his website, and who is currently banned from the USA,’ said GALHA secretary, George Broadhead. ‘Sheik al-Qaradawi supports the killing of homosexuals to keep society pure, the killing of Israelis (including civilians), the killing of apostates, and the mutilation of women’s genitals’.”

Rainbow Network, 25 August 2005

GALHA have been less forthcoming about why they have withdrawn their accusation that Qaradawi called for the Crown Prince of Qatar to be stoned to death. Their 2 August press release has now been removed from their site without any explanation. The misleading Aljazeera magazine report on which the press release was based has also been deleted.