City University London removes Muslim Friday prayer room

City University in London has been accused of discrimination by a group of Muslim students after it closed a dedicated room used for Friday prayers.

A group of students have formed Muslim Voices on Campus, calling on the university to reverse its decision. The group said it was being “unjustly targeted”. City said it acted because students had refused to submit the proposed content of sermons to the university before prayers to check its “appropriateness”.

Wasif Sheikh, who leads the group, said: “We feel we are being unjustly targeted. All of our sermons are open, we welcome all students and all staff. But when you start submitting your sermons to be monitored and scrutinized then there’s a chance for it to be dictated what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. We, as students, don’t accept that.”

BBC News, 22 February 2013

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