Christian pastors found guilty of vilifying Islam in Australia

Christian evangelical pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot have been found guilty of condoning and promoting racist and vilifying remarks against Islam and the Muslim community. They were convicted in the Australian state of Victoria under a law against inciting religious hatred.

Scot told a seminar in 2002 that the “Muslims’ Qur’an is promoting violence, killing and looting and that Muslims were liars and demons”. He further claimed that Muslims are drawing up a plan of violence and terror to overrun the western democracies, warning that Australia would be turned into an Islamic nation over the increasing numbers of Muslims in the European country

Nalliah wrote that Muslim refugees were being granted visas to Australia while Christians who suffer persecution in Islamic nations were refused refugee visas. He also referred to the high birth rate among Muslims in Australia at a time the birth rate in general was dropping.

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