Catholic bigot backs secularist bigots

“The militant atheists of the National Secular Society have launched a campaign against the spread of Sharia in Britain, entitled ‘One Law for All‘.

“Good for them. Britons of all religious and ethnic backgrounds should fight against moves (supported by that nincompoop Rowan Williams) to establish a parallel Muslim legal jurisdiction in this country.

“It’s courageous of the NSS, which represents diehard old Lefties, to pick a fight with ‘community leaders’ who are attempting to force ordinary Muslims into an Islamic ghetto. The Guardian‘s multicultural chatterers (such as the frightful Madeleine Bunting) will be outraged.

“True, the NSS would like to strip all state faith schools of their legal rights – but, you know what? I’d rather see Catholic schools lose their state funding (which I’m not sure does them much good anyway) than allow the Government to franchise out the rule of law to Muslim Arbitration Tribunals, which is what is happening.

“The gutlessness of Christian leaders in allowing radical Muslims to infiltrate public institutions is deeply disheartening. A few Catholics and evangelicals speak out against it; but, for the most part, bishops are too busy engaging in ‘multi-faith dialogue’ or wailing about ‘secularisation’ to notice the radical anti-Christian agenda of Muslim leaders with real influence in local councils, schools, universities, prisons, the police and the health service.”

Damian Thompson at the Daily Telegraph, 11 December 2008