Campaigners to protest against racist Express coverage

Anti-racism campaigners will protest outside the offices of the right-wing Daily Express newspaper today over the paper’s incessant attacks on refugees and Muslims.

The protest has been called in response to inflammatory headlines such as “Over 860 migrants flood in every day,” “Migrants send our crime rate soaring” and “Soft touch Britain: You pay £21m benefits to migrant workers.”

The lunchtime protest has been organised by Media Workers Against the War, Stop the War Coalition, Stop the War Muslim Activists Network and the British Muslim Initiative.

A Media Workers Against the War spokesman said that the headlines in pornographer Richard Desmond’s papers and the stories that go with them “twist flimsy, inadequate and misleading ‘evidence’ in order to pander to prejudice. They do nothing to inform Express readers. On the contrary, they incite race hatred,” he said.

Stop the War Coalition spokesman Chris Nineham added that such “disgusting attacks” on Muslims are a threat both to the Muslim community and to all those who value civil liberties.

The protest will take place from 12.30-2pm outside the Northern & Shell Building, 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R.

Morning Star, 21 February 2008