Burchill attacks ‘Masochist Hacks For Mohammed’ who like ‘big swarthy men with tea-towels on their heads’

BurchillJulie Burchill analyses UK media coverage of the Lebanon war for the benefit of Israeli readers:

“One of the most grotesque examples of the almost brainwashed level of bias can be seen on the official BBC Religions Web site, where that ‘peace be upon him’ eyewash is going on like crazy, while other religions are coolly commented on in a strictly ‘objective’ way.

“The conflict has sent this tendency into overdrive, with not just the usual Masochist Hacks For Mohammed such as Robert Fisk (beaten up by Islamists, says they were right to do it) and Yvonne Ridley (kidnapped by Islamists, then became one) getting their chadors in a twist about big swarthy men with tea-towels on their heads treating the West mean and keeping it – in their case at least – keen.

“Even the women’s magazines have gotten in on the act, with lots of first-person eye-witness accounts of British citizens fleeing the Jewish jackboot. Then turn the page and you’ll often find a shocked article about honor-killing or forced marriage, Muslim-style. That Israel is fighting the frontline war, on behalf of the freedom and civilization of all of us, against the very real evils of shari’a law never seems to occur to these bleeding-heart ignoramuses.”

Ha’aretz, 11 August 2006