British Jews go to fight jihad for Israel

osama saeed 2“I’d hate to witness the fallout if a British Muslim was caught fighting for Hizbullah just now. However, the Times carries a report of a British Jew who has gone over to fight for Israel – and the paper actually glorifies it. No questions about killing civilians here, never mind split loyalties.”

Osama Saeed exposes double standards over the Middle East.

Rolled Up Trousers, 9 August 2006

See “British volunteers answer army’s call”, Times, 7 August 2006

I recall the Mayor of London making a similar point just over a year ago. “If a young Jewish boy in this country goes and joins the Israeli army, and ends up killing many Palestinians in operations and can come back, that is wholly legitimate”, he was quoted as saying. “But for a young Muslim boy in this country, who might think: I want to defend my Palestinian brothers and sisters and gets involved, he is branded as a terrorist.”

For this the Mayor was denounced by Jon Benjamin, director general of the Board of Deputies, as “a lackey of the Muslim agenda” in Britain. See YNetNews, 19 July 2005