‘Bringing the gospel to the Muslim counterculture’

While the Church in Wales shows sensitivity to Muslim opposition to the publication of caricatures of the Prophet, the Christian Right evidently has rather less interest in promoting harmonious interfaith relations. The Evangelical Times  website carries the following advertisement for a new publication entitled Islam in Britain:

“It helps us understand why Muslims find it difficult to adjust to life in a society where the majority ethos is secular with a fading Christian backdrop. It explains why most Muslims show allegiance to the worldwide Islamic community rather than the British state – and why full integration into British society is not really happening. And it shows why militant Islam was bound to be influential within the various Muslim communities here. This is an important report that deserves to be read by all who want to understand the Islamic community (or communities) in Britain. It provides background knowledge that will certainly be helpful to all seeking to bring the gospel to the Muslim counterculture.”

Evangelical Times, 20 March 2006