BNP visit to Skegness abattoir hailed a ‘success’, local paper reports

BNP Skegness protest January 2013

A political party has deemed its visit to a Skegness Halal abattoir and the town, this morning, as being a “success”. Around 40 members of the Lincolnshire branch of the BNP and the public attended the meet-up which took place at The Victoria Inn pub, Wainfleet Road, from 11am.

The day of action was arranged by the branch to discuss the slaughter house which has raised mixed opinions around its opening for several months and gave its members a chance to express their opinions. Many houses and homes were leaflet dropped to spread the party’s negative stance on the Halal practice of animal slaughter.

Speaking during the meeting, a BNP branch organiser said the meet-up was designed to send a coherent message to the community regarding the party’s campaign against ritually slaughtered animals. “The leaflets, used nationally, will send the message but allow the public to make up their own minds,” said the spokesperson. Not all people may agree with all our [BNP] policies but they are with us on this issue,” they added.

A group of around 30 people then walked up to the Heath Road site to see where the abattoir was and allow for a picture opportunity with the party’s banner before returning to the pub for further discussion. “The photograph will document our visit and show we [Lincolnshire branch of the BNP] were here at the abattoir in Skegness, it shows we are together of this issue,” explained the branch organiser.

The Lincolnshire branch say it will be holding a table top event to once again give out leaflets and spread its message in the coming weeks. It also intends to arrange another meet-up in February or March to further discuss the abattoir and gain strength for its party locally.

Skegness Standard, 12 January 2013

You might like to ask the Standard why it is giving such uncritical coverage to a campaign by a fascist party.

Update:  See also “BNP fight amongst themselves in Skegness”, East Midlands Anti-fascists, 14 January 2013