BNP endorses Quilliam Foundation report

Under the headline “Muslim organisations squeal after government-funded report reveals true extent of Islamic colonisation: a caliphate in Britain”, the BNP has latched onto the leaked Quilliam Foundation report.

The mainstream media covered this issue in early August, so the BNP has been a bit slow on the uptake here. But then, when you’re grappling with a situation where your organisation is imploding, heading for bankruptcy and generally in total chaos, which is the state to which Nick Griffin’s leadership has brought the BNP, I suppose it’s difficult to keep on top of developments in the outside world.

However, you can understand why the BNP is so enthusiastic about the Quilliam report – because it takes an almost identical line to that long promoted by the BNP itself, namely that peaceful mass organisations like the MCB are motivated by the same ideology as al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist groupuscules. How pleased the fascists are that the Quilliam Foundation has given credibility to their hysterical, lying attacks on mainstream Muslim organisations. Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz must be really proud of themselves.