BNP campaigns against Islamification of Bletchley

The British National Party branch in Milton Keynes is to launch a public campaign consisting of leaflets, petitions and public protest actions against the conversion of a pub into a mosque in Bletchley, local organiser Kieren Trent has announced.

“We decided to start the campaign after being approached by angry members of the public,” Mr Trent said. “We have warned local people about the threat of creeping Islamification, and the conversion of an English pub into a mosque shows how our culture is gradually being replaced by a different culture. Another mosque in the area will change the nature and character of the area, as has happened everywhere else where these buildings have been allowed.”

The BNP has already started campaigning in the area on the issue, Mr Trent, who stood in the Easton Manor ward for the BNP, said. “The reception so far has been fantastic. The Eaton Manor and Lakes area is largely white working class, of whom many already feel dispossessed of their cultural security and identity.”

BNP news report, 29 November 2010

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