Bloodworth embraces the HJS

James BloodworthLess than a year ago James Bloodworth, the editor of Left Foot Forward (“a political blog for progressives”), wrote a hard-hitting article for Comment is Free entitled “Labour should cut its ties with the illiberal Henry Jackson Society”.

Taking his cue from a Left Foot Forward article by Marko Attila Hoare, with the even more forthright title “Labour’s shameful links with the anti-immigration right”, Bloodworth wanted to know why 11 Labour MPs were prepared to sit on the advisory council of an organisation that had as an associate director an individual like Douglas Murray who is notorious for his “anti-Muslim and anti-immigration views”. Bloodworth complained that he had written to the MPs to raise his concerns about the HJS but had received no response.

Given that he is clearly under no illusions as to what the HJS represents politically, you’d take it for granted that Bloodworth would himself balk at any co-operation with such an obnoxious outfit. But apparently not. Today he saw fit to publish at Left Foot Forward a rant by Rupert Sutton of the misnamed Student Rights organisation, written in reaction to the successes of the Real Student Rights campaign in exposing the provocative role of Sutton’s poisonously Islamophobic group. Bloodworth evidently has no objection to providing Sutton with a platform, even though Student Rights makes no secret of the fact that it is an arm of the HJS.

It seems only fair that Bloodworth should issue a public letter of apology to the 11 Labour MPs whose involvement with the HJS he condemned last year. He should let them know that he has come round to their way of thinking and now sees nothing wrong with having friendly relations with the anti-Muslim, anti-immigration right.