Bishop of Blackburn on relations with Muslims and ‘no-go areas’

Nicholas ReadeThe Rt Rev Nicholas Reade is questioned by Christian Today about his views on Michael Nazir-Ali’s comments and relations between Christians and Muslims. Sample quotes from the Bishop:

“In my own Diocese of Blackburn we have got areas with a high Muslim population but we have absolutely no no-go areas. We can go everywhere. We have extremely good relations with the Muslim communities.”

“The Church has got to accept that if you are the church in an area with a high Muslim population, then the church isn’t there to evangelise in the traditional sense but to dialogue and build relationships.”

“We’re not being pushed out of the public square. I have my cathedral here in Blackburn and there are no Muslims here trying to push me out of my cathedral!”

“I think there has to be equality for all under the law, but I am not aware of preferential treatment [for Muslims]. I don’t see any evidence of that.”