Ban this preacher of hate

Over at Harry’s Place, under the headline “Qadhi Must NOT Enter the United Kingdom“, David Toube calls on home secretary Jacqui Smith to ban the Houston-born Islamic teacher Sheikh Yasir Qadhi from Britain.

Smith has already banned Dutch far-right racist Geert Wilders who wanted to come here and incite hatred against Muslims, and homophobic US pastor Fred Phelps whose aim was to incite hatred against the gay community. According to Toube, Yasir Qadhi too is visiting the UK to incite hatred and he should be excluded along with Wilders and Phelps, on the basis that they are all “active and proselytising bigots”.

What extremist activities will Yasir Qadhi be engaging in here in the UK, I hear you ask – where will he be delivering his hate-filled message?

Well, for example, on Thursday he will be at the London Muslim Centre where he is the guest speaker at a fundraising dinner for The Citizens Foundation, a charity committed to “delivering quality education to the poorest in urban slums and rural areas of Pakistan”. The Citizens Foundation “believes in gender equality and has a girl students percentage of 50%”, and its education program is “open to all persons and communities, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion or location”.

Scary, huh? Let’s just hope Jacqui Smith takes Toube’s advice and bans this preacher of hate.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Yasir Qadhi has visited our country to spread his extremist ideology. Harry’s Place denounced him last November when he was a featured speaker at the Global Peace and Unity event in London. The speech Yasir Qadhi gave there is available on YouTube. Watch this video and ask yourself: can there be the slightest excuse for the home secretary allowing this man into the country?