Back Boris, bury Ken says Littlejohn

Richard_Littlejohn“In London, Livingstone is relying on a huge turnout among innercity Muslims. If previous experience is anything to go by, ‘community leaders’ will simply collect the ballot papers from bewildered Muslims, especially women, and ‘help’ them cast their votes.

“Don’t be surprised to discover subsequently that a bloke in a burqa has voted a few dozen times using someone else’s polling cards. Officials would be too petrified to challenge him.

“There’s nothing new in vote-rigging. In 1960, the Mayor of Chicago turned out the dead to push John F. Kennedy over the line in the U.S. Presidential election. The Mayor of London wouldn’t complain if something similar happened in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets provided it kept him in office.”

Richard Littlejohn offers his thoughts on the London mayoral election.

Daily Mail, 29 April 2008