Ayaan Hirsi Ali to make gay Islam film

A Somali-born Dutch MP who collaborated on the film that led to the murder of director Theo van Gogh has written a sequel, about Islam’s attitude to gays. Ms Ali told Dutch media that she had co-written the script with Van Gogh in the summer of 2004, months before he was killed last November. “I examine the position of homosexuals in Islam in the film Submission II,” she told the De Volkskrant newspaper.

BBC News, 17 November 2005

And what exactly is this film intended achieve? To improve the situation of gay Muslims … or to promote the view of Muslim “immigrants” as backward people undermining liberal Dutch values? The fact that Van Gogh was an admirer of Pim Fortuyn and regularly referred to Muslims as “goatfuckers” gives you a hint as to what the answer might be.