Archbishop ‘has lost the plot’

Rowan Williams (2)The Archbishop of Canterbury was under fire last night after declaring that Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims. Dr Rowan Williams also criticised Christianity’s history for its violence, harsh punishments and betrayal of peaceful principles. His comments were condemned by MPs and religious commentators.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “The archbishop has lost the plot. He is supposed to be leading the Church, not apologising for it. What kind of leadership is this? People are sick to death of this handwringing about things from long ago. Dr Williams should be proud of his Christian beliefs.”

Mike Judge, spokesman for the Christian Institute think-tank, said: “It’s radical Muslims who are the biggest threat to liberty. Why apologise for things that happened hundreds of years ago? You can hardly compare what happened under the Inquisition with problems in the modern world.”

Dr Williams caused controversy earlier this year when he said aspects of Islamic sharia law had a place in our legal system.

Daily Express, 17 July 2008

See also “Archbishop of Canterbury ‘should be trying to convert Muslims’” in the Daily Telegraph.

The same paper also has “Archbishop bridges Muslim divide” by George Pitcher, who writes: “Christians who attack Dr Williams for trying to reach a mutual understanding with Muslims might dwell on how they would react if Muslims condemned their leaders for trying to engage in dialogue.”