Antwerp: Vlaams Belang protest against mosque


Vlaams Belang held a protest yesterday against the mosque at the Sint-Bernardsesteenweg in Antwerp.

According to the party, with an area of 4,000 sqm, this would be the biggest in Flanders and would also have a koran school and imam training.

In recent days the VB gave out 50,000 flyers against the mosque which according to them would be a symbol of the Islamization of Antwerp and Flanders.

According to VB leader Filip Dewinter, the Jisr Al Amana mosque is everything but a good idea. “Islam is like a cuckoo which lays its eggs in our European next. We hatch them and will in the end be cast off,” he said.

The party walked through the local market with three women dresses in a burka with the slogan “Islam can harm your freedom”.

Islam in Europe, 5 June 2009