Anti-fascists mobilise against EVF in Croydon tomorrow

Oppose the fascist EVF

The fascist English Volunteer Force (EVF), an anti Muslim splinter group from the English Defence League (EDL), is planning an anti immigration ‘protest’ outside Lunar House, in Croydon on Saturday 27th, July. The EVF is targeting all immigrants and migrants, in this latest move. Like the EDL, they seek to inflame Islamophobia, in the aftermath of Lee Rigby’s murder.

EVF members include National Front (NF) and British National Party (BNP) thugs who have been involved in intimidation of trades unionists and anti fascists. It is seeking to cause division in Croydon. Staff (many in the PCS Union) at Lunar House, should not have to suffer fascists at their workplace. We call on all who oppose racists and fascists to stand in solidarity with workers at Lunar House.

UAF, PCS and the ‘We are Croydon’ campaign, are uniting to stand up against racists and fascists and for our diverse community. Join our counter protest and show the EVF that we stand as one against their hate. Bring Union and other banners.

Oppose the fascist EVF
Saturday July 27
Assemble 11am
Lunar House, 40, Wellesley Rd, Croydon, CR9

See also “PCS calls for support for the EVF counter demo”, on the PCS Croydon (Home Office) website.