Allison Pearson wrestles with her Islamophobic inclinations – and loses

allison pearsonAllison Pearson writes: “Several opinion polls have measured Muslim anger with Britain. No survey has yet recorded the rest of British society’s anger and distress with Muslims. Yet you only have to start a conversation on the subject to unleash a flood of feeling. ‘I never thought I’d say this, but…’ People who don’t consider themselves racist are wondering how to deal with these new and dismaying thoughts.”

This is “a tragedy for the UK, which has done so much to accommodate its immigrant groups. Too much, probably. We failed to spell out the cultural norms we expect everyone to respect, with horrendous consequences. That letter from Muslim MPs warning the Government to change its policy on the Middle East because it was ‘inflaming extremists’ was a bloody cheek, quite frankly.

“Millions of Britons are angry with Tony Blair over Iraq. But he is our democratically elected leader and the foreign policy of this country is not going to be decided in a mosque in Waltham Forest. As for the suggestion by Dr Syed Aziz Pasha that Britain should introduce Islamic laws on family affairs, which apply only to Muslims, well, words fail me. Where would the concessions end? All women to cover their heads? Jews thrown into the sea? Burqa King? The Moral Maze presented by Michael Burqa?”

Daily Mail, 16 August 2006