Abbey Mills Mosque: ‘No pledges have been broken’

Abbey Mills Mosque logoMosque developers this week denied breaking promises to keep neighbours abreast of the controversial project. Newham councillor Alan Craig, outspoken opponent of the proposals, had criticised mosque backers Tablighi Jamaat, who want to build a 12,000-capacity complex in West Ham.

“Tablighi Jamaat pledged an open day event during the summer at which we would view the work, see an exhibition and meet their architects and consultants,” said Mr Craig, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance group. “It is now almost the end of summer with the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan just two weeks away, yet there is still no sign of the event.”

He added that worried locals have had five months “with the threat of this huge mosque hanging over their heads” yet still are given no information. “This silence is not golden. It represents yet another false claim and broken promise by Tablighi Jamaat.”

A statement from the developer’s PR company said: “The trustees have not changed their plans to stage two major consultation events. These will take place prior to making a formal planning application for this project.”

The statement expressed disappointment that progress has been slower than expected. “It is not the case that the trustees have broken a promise of any kind to the community. The trustees will ensure that all residents and those who have expressed interest through our website will be informed in plenty of time when the Work in Progress exhibition will be held.”

Newham Recorder, 26 August 2008