A ‘Clash of Civilizations’, sending pink sparks flying?

“Will the phenomenon of a gay man successfully popularizing the rhetoric that pits ‘Islam’ (misrepresented as inherently and monolithically homophobic and misogynistic) against the ‘Western Civilization’ (made out to be inherently and monolithically feminist and pro-gay) remain unique to the Netherlands? Or will the Netherlands be a harbinger, as more white gay men, now integrated in the militaries and soon to gain the equal right to marriage in most rich industrialized nations, lose the ability to identify with other outcasts …? Take Peter Tatchell, perhaps the most famous queer activist in Britain, for example. Unlike Fortuyn, Tatchell is still capable of gesturing toward the existence of tolerant Muslims, but a number of his writings suggest a paranoid fear of political powers of Muslims.”

US radical activist Yoshie Furuhashi draws parallels between the late Dutch racist Pim Fortuyn and Peter Tatchell of Outrage! on her Critical Montages blog.