‘Winning the War on Terror’ – fascists offer their advice

The British National Party responds to the deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan:

“If we are to bring about a victory in the War on Terror, then we must do so the British way. Uncuff the hands of the soldiers, and ensure that no lawyer in this country, can bring about any charges of any kind against any soldier for his/her actions in a foreign land…. We can win this war, and in doing so, put the fear of God into those British born, hate filled Muslims, that the only recourse for them, is to repatriate themselves back to their country of origin. Continual appeasement of the Muslim ‘community’ in Britain, by this treacherous New Labour regime, is the biggest crime of treason this country has ever seen. Whilst our boys are dying in a remote, inhospitable land, our politicians and senior policemen seek to ’embrace’ the Muslim community, rather than to fight it. ”

BNP news article, 4 September 2006