Wilders’ PVV will boycott parliamentary debate on xenophobia

Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam party PVV will boycott any eventual parliamentary debate on xenophobia, MP Joram van Klaveren is reported as saying in Trouw. GroenLinks MP Tofik Dibi said this summer he plans to call for such a debate in relation to the Norwegian killings but has not yet done so.

Other parties support the debate, but not in connection to events in Norway. Trouw says they would prefer to discuss the issues as part of the general debate on the queen’s speech and government policy following the presentation of the cabinet’s 2012 spending plans later this month.

Van Klaveren said the PVV sees no merit in any debate and will not attend.

Dutch News, 7 September 2011

See also “De Pers: Do we really have to talk about this?”, Dutch News, 6 September 2011