Wilders inciting hatred trial: no new judges says legal panel

Geert Wilders trial on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination will continue in front of the same judges, a special panel at the Amsterdam court said on Monday, rejecting calls for them to be dismissed.

On Friday, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz called for the judges to be dismissed for refusing to investigate a witness for possible perjury.

All week, the three-strong panel of judges heard evidence about a dinner, during which a senior court official is alleged to have tried to influence a witness. That incident led to the previous judging panel being dismissed last October.

On Friday, Moszkowicz claimed one of the people at the meal last year – Middle East expert Bertus Hendricks – lied in court about the alleged attempt to pressure the witness and the reason Arabic professor Hans Jansen was invited to attend.

Moszkowicz also says Hendricks should be charged with perjury. The judges on Friday rejected this request, leading Moszkowicz to call for their dismissal.

Dutch News, 18 April 2011

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