Vote for British values, stop the peddlers of hate

The Muslim Council of Britain and Unite Against Fascism call on all Muslims to use their vote in the forthcoming local elections in England and Scotland, and the Scottish Parliamentary and Wales Assembly elections to stop the dangerous British National Party (BNP).

The BNP is a fascist party in the tradition of Hitler’s Nazis and it seeks an all-white Britain which could only be achieved through violence and an end to democracy. It is against the values of the British people.

Its vote has soared over the past six years, on the basis of whipping up hostility, particularly towards Muslims, and spreading racist lies. Where the BNP is active, racist and Islamophobic attacks increase. Where it wins council seats, it gains a cloak of respectability, legitimising hostilities against Muslims and increasing the climate of Islamophobia.

The BNP’s growth can be stopped if the majority of people go out and vote on 3 May.

The BNP can grab seats where the majority of people don’t vote. We must all stand united against these peddlers of hate.

The Muslim Council of Britain and Unite Against Fascism are asking Muslims to vote with fellow Britons on 3 May. Whoever you vote for, vote for local matters that concern you and stop the BNP. Participating in local elections is your civic duty and is in the best traditions of Islam.

MCB press release, 17 April 2007