‘Violence is Muslim response to Pope’s speech’ – BNP

“Smooth talking ‘moderate’ Muslims try to convince us non-believers that Islam is the religion of peace, a task made impossible by their co-religionists who have not heeded the peace message. In response to a quote made by Pope Benedict XVI in a speech on Tuesday Muslims have been busy burning effigies of the Pope and burning down churches, hardly the response of those who practice a religion of peace….

“The West is constantly asked to tolerate the presence of this pre-medieval desert faith but its practitioners have no understanding of tolerance themselves, no concept of free speech which allows comment and criticism of any faith, cult or political ideology, a concept which itself is in peril due to Marxist inspired political correctness and supine liberal appeasement to the fifth column of Muslims already here in the UK and in countries across western Europe.”

BNP news article, 16 September 2006