Vigil at Southern Cemetery, Manchester

Muslim graves attacked, as EDL prepare for Manchester fascist rally

Oppose attacks on our cemetery!
Unite against racist attacks!
Never Again!

4pm Emergency Vigil at Southern Cemetery, Barlow Moore Rd, Manchester
Sunday 4th October

Twenty Muslim gravestones have been attacked at Southern Cemetery Manchester. Police say it is a racist hate crime as only graves in the Muslim section were pushed to the ground last Thursday night.

Next Saturday the EDL have said they will rally in Manchester. They want to rid the country of all Muslims. This attack on the gravestones shows what the EDL are really about.

When Jewish gravestones were attacked in North Manchester the whole community came out in an act of solidarity with a cry of Never Again! We all know what the politics of fascism leads to.

We call on all decent people to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community, who have had the final place of rest for their loved ones violated in this attack.

Stand together in silence outside our community cemetery

Called by UAF