Uni slams terror report

A top Welsh university last night hit out after being labelled a haven for Islamic extremists in a new report. Swansea University described the claims as “alarming and irresponsible” after being named among 30 British universities where extremists and terror groups have been detected.

The report, by Anthony Glees, director of Brunel University’s centre for intelligence and security services and one of Britain’s leading terror experts, will be published this week. It lists universities where Islamic extremists, members of the far-right British National Party and animal rights fanatics have operated.

The report accuses Swansea of having played host to Muslim extremists and refers to Ramzi Yousef, a student who took part in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York. But Yousef had studied electrical engineering at now-closed West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education, not Swansea University.

icWales, 18 September 2005

The report, entitled When Students Turn to Terror, is published by the respectable-sounding Social Affairs Unit, whose director is Michael Mosbacher. For some useful info about Mr Mosbacher, and his record of involvement with right-wing organisations, see here.