UK Muslims condemn attacks

Muslims UnitedBritish Muslim communities have taken out newspaper advertisements condemning the recent attempted bomb attacks in London and at Glasgow airport in Scotland.

The “Muslims United” advertisement is being placed in the UK’s Guardian and Metro newspapers. It rejects any attempts to link criminal attacks to the teachings of Islam, and calls for society to remain united. The advertisement is supported by all mainstream Muslim organisations in the UK and individuals from a wide range of professions, organisers said.

Ihtisham Hibatullah, spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative, which is helping organise the campaign, said doctors made up the bulk of those who had joined the campaign. “The overwhelming response has come from the medical profession,” he said, highlighting the fact that seven of the people detained over the recent failed attacks were from the medical profession. “People in the profession want to be heard saying ‘not in their name’.”

Reuters, 5 July 2007