UK loon watch: British Freedom recruits fruitloop

The British Freedom party would appear to have gained a new admirer. It’s the notorious far-right fruitloop and (presumably, former) BNP supporter Sarah Davies, who blogs under the name of Sarah Maid of Albion.

An article by Davies posted on the BFP website (headed “A call to action“) employs the usual wacko demographic projections to claim that Europe and the United States face the imminent threat of Islamification. The US Muslim population, which the Pew Research Center put at 2.5 million in 2010, will supposedly rise to 50 million by 2040, according to Davies.

Even if that ludicrous figure were accurate, the total population of the US in 2040 will be round 400 million, so the process of Muslim conquest would still have quite some way to go. However, in Davies’s fantasy world, “Islam’s eventual dominance of the West within this century seems a foregone conclusion”. She warns that unless urgent measures are taken to prevent this, it will mark the end for “those of European origin, a race who have done more good for the people of this Earth than all the others combined”.

Note the use of the word “race”. Davies has never had any hesitation in using such language, but there was a time when the BFP were trying to reposition themselves as “cultural nationalists” who rejected old-fashioned racial nationalism. However, the author of that theory was former BNP legal adviser Lee Barnes who has since left the organisation. The BFP has now happily embraced an individual who openly expresses her hatred of Muslims in traditional racist terms.

Of course, that won’t come as too much of a shock to party leader Paul Weston. He is after all the author of an article from pre-BFP days titled “The ethnic cleansing of the English” in which he happily described white UK citizens as the “indigenous race”.