Tory MP slams BNP leafleting in Enfield North

BNP Enfield leafletAn MP has slammed the “scaremongering” tactics of a far-right political party who have been canvassing the borough’s residents.

After he was shown a British National Party leaflet that was posted through the letterbox of one of his Enfield North constituents earlier this month Nick de Bois reacted angrily accusing the right-wing party of “attempting to create tension for political gain”.

The Advertiser has been shown one of the leaflets distributed to households in the borough. It asks residents: “Alarmed by the threat of Islam to your British Identity?” And goes on to refer to scenarios where pubs are converted into mosques which, they claim, would “threaten British identity”.

However the Conservative MP was furious that the leaflets had been distributed anywhere in the borough. Speaking to the Advertiser he said: “This type of ‘copy and paste’ literature – which doesn’t even try to focus on problems in Enfield – is just scaremongering. This type of leaflet is designed to stir up racial tension for the purposes of political gain. It is reprehensible and people in Enfield will see straight through it.”

But the BNP were unabashed about their aims and a spokesman claimed they were campaigning in the borough because London is “being turned into a foreign country” by Muslims. Insisting that Mr de Bois was in a “state of denial” he added: “The fact is we are looking at the wholesale repression of the British and English population.”

Referring to the claims made in the leaflet that the BNP is fighting for animal rights by opposing halal meat which they describe as “ritual slaughter” he added: “Halal food is barbaric. It belongs somewhere 5,000 years ago.If people want to do that I would suggest they go and do it in another country as it is completely unnecessary.”

Enfield Advertiser, 14 January 2014