Time for a Parliamentary Committee to investigate Islamophobia

EDL Manchester5“Bigotry, hatred and attacks against British Muslims are nothing new. But its unchallenged growth in our country can no longer be ignored.

“The half-hearted response by the government to this growing phenomenon has been far from adequate to date. The phase for window dressing is over. Now is the time to act.

“What is urgently needed is clear leadership from both our police and the government in policy directions in dealing with Islamophobia in all its forms.

“In 2005, in response to growing levels of anti-Semitism, a Parliamentary Committee was established to combat the threat. Likewise, at a time when British Muslims are now the new target for hatred and attacks, it is high time a dedicated committee is now set up to investigate Islamophobia in our country.”

Kawsar Zaman at Left Foot Forward, 1 February 2010