The future of Europe in Islam


Panel Debate – Wednesday 7th June (18:45-20:45)

UCL Chemistry Auditorium
Christopher Ingold Building
20 Gordon Street
London WC1H 0AJ

This panel discussion aims to explore the future of Europe in Islam. Islam is frequently cited as Europe’s fastest growing religion, and its followers have increasingly been in the spotlight. The rise of the far right across Europe together with a growing confident Muslim identity raises interesting questions about the role that Europe is playing in shaping the future of Islam and Muslims living in the west.

The invited panel of speakers will set out their vision for the future of Europe in Islam and engage with each other in a lively debate and discussion. Members of the audience will be able to put forward their questions for the panellists to discuss.

Panel Members:

Dr Hisham Hellyer, Warwick University (Chair)
Professor Tariq Ramadan, Oxford St. Anthony’s College
Dr Abdul Wahid, Hizb ut Tahrir
Dr Yahya Michot, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Huda Jawad, UK Programme Director, Forward Thinking
Mehdi Hassan

Tickets can be booked online at:

All proceeds generated from this event will go toward supporting the work of Muslim Youth Helpline.