The false claims about ‘two-tier system’ behind EDL’s planned Leicester protest

The Leicester Mercury exposes the lies and myths surrounding the assault on Rhea Page, which have been exploited by the English Defence League in order to mobilise its supporters for a protest in Leicester next month.

The Mercury argues:

One can only conclude that the reason the EDL has leapt upon the misunderstandings about this case is because it actually has a much wider agenda. It is seeking to propagate a message that white English people are becoming second-class citizens in their own country and preferential treatment is given to Muslims.

That is, of course, deeply divisive and dangerous stuff which breeds resentment between communities. And, as we have seen, its argument crumbles as soon as one carries out a detailed examination of the facts.

See also “Brilliant public meeting as Leicester unites to oppose EDL”, UAF news report, 20 January 2012