The BNP is a threat to every Muslim

UAF_logoThe BNP is a threat to every Muslim. Use your vote to stop them

The fascists of the British National Party (BNP) are a threat to everyone. But they are particularly dangerous for Muslims living in this country. That is why Unite Against Fascism is urging every British Muslim to use their vote on Thursday 4 June – and use it to help defeat the BNP.

The BNP is not like the other political parties. It is a fascist organisation. Its leaders and core members are violent racist thugs with a history of whipping up hatred against black people, Asians, Jews and immigrants. But in recent years the BNP has focused on a new target: Muslims. They have dedicated themselves to spreading the worst kind of lies and hatred about Islam.

BNP leader Nick Griffin claims that Britain is being “colonised by Islam” and calls Islam a “vicious, wicked faith”. He falsely accuses Muslims of promoting child abuse, drug addiction and terrorism. BNP councillors try to incite hatred against Muslims wherever they are elected. They campaign against mosques being built and halal meat being served. They accuse all ethnic minorities of being “racial foreigners” who are “taking over” the country. Their declared aim is to build an “all white Britain”.

These slanders and lies inevitably incite the worst kind of racist violence. An Islamic centre in Luton was firebombed on 5 May this year, just weeks after the BNP joined other gangs of Nazi thugs in parading through the town. Former BNP candidate Robert Cottage was jailed in 2007 for hoarding a stockpile of explosives at his home in preparation for a “civil war” against Asians. Griffin himself has a criminal conviction for incitement to racial hatred for publishing a Nazi magazine that claimed Hitler’s Holocaust did not take place.

If the BNP wins seats at the European elections on 4 June it will gain access to huge amounts of public funding. It will use this money to further spread its campaign of hatred and violence against Muslims, immigrants and other minorities. But the BNP bigots can be stopped – if enough people come out and vote against them.

That is why it is so important that every Muslim and everyone opposed to anti-Muslim racism registers to vote in the European elections and uses their vote against the fascist BNP. Every single vote for any other party helps hold the BNP back.

The BNP is a threat to every Muslim. Use your vote to stop them.

Unite Against Fascism/Muslim Council of Britain leaflet