Telford: unity march against racist EDL, Saturday 13 August

Antiracists, trade unionists, football fans and people from across Telford’s diverse community will march agaisnt the racist English Defence League in the town on Saturday 13 August.

The EDL, an organisation of racist and fascist thugs, is coming to Telford as part of a “summer of hate”, aimed at stirring up racism against Muslims.

People from across Telford’s diverse community are determined to show their unity and make their opposition to the EDL clear. The anti-EDL unity demo – called by the local UAF branch and the trades council – assembles at Nailers Row car park at 1.15pm on Saturday 13 August for a rally before the march moves off at 2.15pm.

An inspiring public meeting of more than 200 people in the Wellington area on Monday showed the strength of feeling against the EDL.

Trade unionists, pensioners, people from different faith groups and others came together to discuss building the demo against the EDL. Representatives from the PCS, CWU, Unison and Unite unions were present, along with a number of football fans and the chair of AFC Telford United.

Then around 50 local taxi drivers turned up at the meeting. The drivers, many of them Asian, said they were discussing the possibilty of going on strike on the day of the demo. ‘The Edl is not welcome here’ said one.

They were soon joined by around 100 local young people from Wellington, lifting the atmosphere as everyone was buoyed up by a feeling of unity and determination against the EDL.

Organisers hope the size, breadth and feeling of solidarity at the meeting will translate into a great unity demo against the EDL on Saturday 13 August.

UAF news report, 7 August 2011