Sydney suburb bombarded with anti-Muslim literature

Residents have been bombarded with an anonymous anti-Islamic letter drop, protesting against the proposed development of 150 houses by Qartaba Homes in Riverstone and Schofields.

Rivo Respect, Responsibility & Recognition founders Danielle Fragomeli and Carroline Parkes said hundreds of flyers titled “Future of Riverstone a Muslim enclave”, as well as an eight-page booklet titled “Islam Aggressive Religion, Totalitarian Political System” had been distributed.

The pair said the letter-drop had caused panic among some community members. “Many elderly people have told me they are scared about the proposed development because of the flyers,” Mrs Fragomeli told the Rouse Hill Times. Ms Parkes said: “We think the flyers will give residents a pre-conceived notion about the Islamic development which could be wrong.”

Qartaba Homes director Wajahat Rana played down the impact of the flyers, saying the issue was settling down. “We are not worried about these anonymous flyers as we have had good discussions with the local Chamber of Commerce and a community group,” Mr Rana said. “We are a business, not an Islamic organisation, and the people who are doing this are ignorant and trying to portray a bad reputation for Riverstone by using scare-mongering tactics which will consequently have a poor economic outlook for Riverstone.”

Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders, also referred to the “Muslim enclave in Riverstone” during his speeches in Sydney last week.

Rouse Hill Times, 28 February 2013