Sweden: pig’s head drawn on mosque

The Sabirin mosque in Eskilstuna, Sweden, was attacked Monday. There have been several attacks against the community recently, and community representatives hope that the police will now investigate if the attacks are organized.

Servat Barzingi, head of the community: It’s very sad that it happens and many members are upset.  This is a place of worship and it’s peaceful people who come here and want to meet and pray.  We haven’t hurt anyone or wish ill for anyone.

On Monday someobdy drew a pig’s head on the door to the Sabirin mosque in Eskilstuna.  Under the pig’s head the perpetrator wrote “The prophet Mohammed”.

Last year the community was subjected to two attacks. In April windows were broken around the place and at the end of December their mailbox was torn down. Somebody wrote “no Muslims” (in English) on the door.

The Sabirin mosque has been a part of Eskilstuna since the early 70s and Servat Barzingi says the threats have increased dramatically in recent years.

Islam in Europe, 18 January 2010