SVP politician urges new Kristallnacht for mosques

Alexander Müller (2)Alexander Müller, a Zurich politician from the far-right Swiss People’s Party has caused outrage by appearing to call for “another Kristallnacht” in a hateful anti-Islamic tweet.

The offending message, which has since been taken down from Müller’s @DailyTalk account, said: “Maybe we need another Kristallnacht… this time for mosques.”

The Zurich prosecutor is considering whether to launch a formal criminal investigation into Müller, who also works as a school nurse. “It is possible that the Twitter post breached the criminal provisions on racism,” Corinne Bouvard, spokeswoman for the Zurich prosecutor’s office, told the website.

The Young Greens have also called for Müller’s immediate resignation from his position as school nurse.

Müller denies writing the post, and has alleged that someone forged it, newspaper Tages Anzeiger reported.

In other tweets, he has previously been seen to make fun of beauty contests in Saudi Arabia, voiced his opposition to integration and the “Islamization” of the country, and accused Muslims of trying to litter the country with mosques and minarets.

The Local, 26 June 2012

Via Loonwatch and Islamophobia Today

Alexander Müller Kristallnacht tweet

Update:  Müller has since admitted that he was responsible for the tweet and has resigned from the SVP. His employer has also terminated his contract. Müller is under criminal investigation and has had his house searched by police and his computer confiscated.

The JTA reports that Dr Herbert Winter, president of the Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities, has condemned Muller’s comment as “very offensive” to both Jews and Muslims because it “implies that Muslims deserve Kristallnacht treatment as the Jews deserved it in 1938”.