Support for Muslim centre in Oswestry

Residents have written in support of plans for a new Muslim centre in Oswestry – defying calls from the British National Party.

Nearly 30 people have given their support to the plans for the conversion of the 19th century former Presbyterian Church in the town, with just five objections received.

The BNP had urged people to write to Shropshire Council to object to the plans for the building, which is currently occupied by a furniture business.

The Oswestry Muslim Society has applied for planning permission to change the use of the building for prayer meetings.

Supporter Iris Gordijn wrote: “It’s a very good thing that at long last Muslims will get their own religious and social centre in Oswestry. I fully support this application.”

Another supporter, Andrew Meredith, added: “Bringing an unused building back into use can only be good thing for the town. The fact that it is to be used as a Muslim Centre is immaterial.”

Shropshire Star, 14 December 2012

Update:  The BNP held a day of action against the centre on 15 December. North Shropshire BNP organiser Phil Reddall explained:

“Muslim centres such as this act as a power base, a beacon of light, to Muslims and Shropshire Council must wake up to the fact that Britain is sleepwalking towards Islamification. Muslims are allowed to lie to ‘non-believers’ in order to get what they want. It says so in the Qu’ran.

“One minute they’re talking about having tea and biscuits and holding inter-faith coffee mornings, the next thing you know they’ve taken local council seats and are asserting their dominance while the political establishment and the police are fearful to act if crimes are committed by Muslims. Local councillors are playing a dangerous game of appeasement….

“Muslims in Britain won’t rest until they have asserted full control, and we don’t want that to happen.”