Stop the racist hooligans from marching in Birmingham on Saturday 8 August

Unite Against Fascism supporters in the West Midlands will be joining the local Muslim community in Birmingham city centre on Saturday 8 August to protest against an “anti-Muslim demonstration” planned that day by right-wing thugs linked to the fascist BNP and promoted on openly Nazi internet sites such as Stormfront.

The racist demo is planned by a group of football hooligans operating under the names “Casuals United” and the “English Defence League”. There was a spate of Nazi and BNP graffiti in the local area after their last outing in Birmingham on 4 July.

The English Defence League website was set up by Chris Renton, a BNP activist from Weston-super-Mare.

In May this year the same group ran rampage through Luton attacking Asians and Asian-owned businesses.

The counter-demonstration against the racists meets at 5pm, outside Zavvi/Waterstones, High Street, Birmingham.

Everyone in the area should come along and show these thugs that their brand of vicious racism is not wanted in Birmingham or the West Midlands.

Unite Against Fascism press release, 31 July 2009