Sikhs, Muslims and the EDL – an account from Luton

In an update on last week’s protest by Luton’s Sikh community, the Turban Campaign has reproduced an account by Peter Adams from St Mary’s Church in Luton. As they point out: “The account confirms the opportunistic actions of the EDL leadership and the very public disapproval by the local Sikh leadership as previously reported.”

Adams was at Luton Magistrates’ Court the day after the main protest and reports:

“Soon after 10.30 when I arrived it was confirmed that the Muslim lad had been charged and hearing would be in the afternoon. Kevin Carrol turned up soon after and not long afterwards community leader Jaswinder Singh Nagra. He told Carrol EDL were not welcome. When asked who had invited him to be there he could name no names. He withdrew and called Lennon. He hung around and then left.”

Which possibly explains why this EDL appeal was followed shortly after by this one.