Seville mosque remains costly dream

Despite years of relentless efforts, the construction of a stately mosque remains a costly dream for Muslims in the southern city of Seville, the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

“We are still negotiating with city officials to find a solution for the mosque issue,” Muslim community leader Malik Roueth told

After municipal officials reneged on several promises to allocate a plot of land for the mosque, the sizable Muslim community is left with no other option but buy one. “We need no less than 6 million euros,” said Roueth, citing rocketing land prices in the area.

Plans to build a purpose-based mosque in Seville have been met with fierce oppositions from some locals. A few months ago, authorities froze plans to allocate a plot of land for Muslims to build their mosque after protests. Opponents has left slaughtered pig heads at the location, believing such a move would push Muslims to drop the plans.

In reaction to the protests, the authorities withdraw the land even though by that time Muslims had spent more than 200,000 euros to prepare the land for the mosque construction.

Islam Online, 2 November 2008