Sarrazin resigns from Bundesbank board

A board member of Germany’s central bank dramatically resigned on Thursday after causing weeks of uproar with inflammatory comments on immigrants and Jews.

“The Bundesbank board and its member Thilo Sarrazin are aware of their responsibilities to the institution of the Bundesbank,” the bank said in a surprise statement posted on its website.

“Given the public debate, the parties concerned are going, of mutual accord, to end their cooperation at the end of the month.”

The Frankfurt-based Bundesbank had previously wanted the German president to fire him, as it was unable to do so itself, and Sarrazin had been refusing to go quietly.

But on Thursday the bank said it had “withdrawn its request” and that the 65-year-old had asked President Christian Wulff to relieve him of his duties. It even thanked Sarrazin “for the work he has done”.

AFP, 9 September 2010