Ron Atkinson warned over anti-Muslim ‘joke’

Ron Atkinson has been in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house less than four full days, and he’s caused controversy already, asking housemate Danielle Marr if she was “carrying a bomb” after she donned a headscarf.

Former football manager Atkinson was in the garden crooning “Feeling Good”, while “Botox doctor” Marr was beside him, providing a human beat-box accompaniment. When she put a scarf over her head, Atkinson asked her, “You’re not carrying a bomb under that, are you?”

Although Marr didn’t say anything at the time, Atkinson was later given a formal warning by the CBB team over his remark.

“Because you linked the fact that Danielle was wearing a hard scarf with the fact that she could be carrying a bomb, this could be seen as offensive. Do you understand why?” he was asked.

“I can see that now,” he replied. “I certainly didn’t at the time in all fairness. I apologise profusely if I did cause offence, I didn’t think I did, but if I did I’m sorry about that. Complete oversight.”

Big Brother than told Atkinson it didn’t tolerate this kind of language, and was giving him a formal warning.

Huffington Post, 27 August 2013

Don’t get the idea that Atkinson is just prejudiced against Muslims. This is the man who once referred to a black footballer as a “lazy, thick n***er”.