‘Religious savagery is too much to bear’

“Scour the newspapers and you might just spot the story about a 19-year-old Saudi woman who is to receive 200 lashes for being in the same car as a man who wasn’t her husband or a relative. Her punishment is an act of such barbarity it triggers utter repulsion and fury. Sadly, the best we can do is recoil in horror at a religion prepared to condone the degradation of females….”

Sue Carroll in the Daily Mirror, 28 November 2007

But don’t get the idea that her article is an example of rising intolerance towards Muslims and their faith. Carroll continues:

“We Brits may be lacking on the football pitch but when it comes to tolerance we’re world class. You’d be hard pushed to find a nation more willing to bend over backwards to accommodate minority beliefs and sensitivities…. If Britain were to employ Sudanese tactics and impose its values on minorities living here, you wouldn’t see Parliament Square for the massed ranks of burkhas screaming for retribution.”