Racism and violence from the EDL

Rather that posting individual entries on acts of racism and violence by members of the English Defence League, here is a roundup of three cases from the past 24 hours.

EDL News reports that Sam Burgess, a member of the EDL’s Norwich Division who has been on training courses to work for the Olympics security team, has pictured himself on Facebook with a gun and posted threats against the Muslim community.

The Hull Daily Mail reports that on Saturday evening a group of youth at Hull railway station were assaulted by a man wearing a Grimsby EDL top (presumably on his way back from the EDL’s protest in Bristol).

STV reports that a Scottish Defence League member from Edinburgh named Raymond Strachan (or “Raymo Sdl Strachan” as he likes to call himself) was sentenced to 200 hours’ community service having been convicted of posting racist messages on Facebook.