Qaradawi slams Pakistan bombing

Qaradawi2DOHA — Renowned Doha-based Islamic scholar Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi has denounced the bombing at the Danish embassy in Islamabad on Monday to protest against the blasphemous cartoons on Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him).

In a statement issued in the wake of the blast that killed two people and injured several others, Qaradawi said such violent protests will only help tarnish the image of Islam all over the world.

“We condemn what was done in the Danish embassy in Pakistan. We have been urging Muslims to protest peacefully against the blasphemous Danish cartoons. It is the duty of Muslims to protect the lives of people who live in their country as their guests,” said Qaradawi.

The scholar, who heads the International Union of Islamic Scholars, said the union has already denounced the Danish cartoons as a deliberate attempt to provoke Muslims all over the world and hurt their sentiments.

Peninsular, 4 June 2008