Protest attack on Islamic colleges in The Times

BNP council electionsJohn Harris reports on the BNP’s local election campaign in Stoke-on-Trent. The fascists are focusing on plans to build a new mosque in Hanley. Their leaflet features a silhouetted minaret next to a row of terraced houses and the headline, “Is this what you want for Stoke?”

Harris talks to a BNP candidate named Neil Albert Walker, who tells him: “The white people living right by the mosque will have to move away. They’d feel intimidated. There’s already several mosques in the city, and if you were near a mosque on a Friday afternoon, you’d realise what we mean. It’s just absolutely awash with Muslims, and they’re aggressive towards people who… aren’t Muslims, basically.”

Walker says the problem is that “the Muslims will not live peacefully alongside any other religion” because “their religion tells them they must master everyone else”. The BNP seems to believe the UK would be better off without any Muslims at all, Harris suggests. “In my opinion,” Walker replies, “it would.”

Guardian, 22 April 2006